Starts January 15 - March 2, 2018
Tap into spiritual clarity. 

The pineal gland is the seat of intuition in the brain — or the “Third Eye”. It’s positioned right in the middle and is the shape of a pinecone (hence, the name) and the size of a pea.

Pineal Gland facts:
• Essential to your physical, mental and spiritual health.
• Produces melatonin, which is in charge of making sure you have good, deep, and restful sleep.
• Key to spiritual awakening and manifestation as well as psychic abilities.

Your pineal gland needs your attention.

When your pineal gland is thrown off balance, it leaves that part of your brain vulnerable to attack from chemicals inside of your body—particularly fluoride. Some factors that throw your pineal gland off are factors such as stress, diet, and inactivity.

Pineal gland calcification also acts as a foundation for brain degenerative diseases, chronic fatigue, and mental block.

In this online workshop, Linda will guide you with ways to decalcify the pineal gland, as well as tap into a deeper intuition that you’ve never accessed before.

Meet Linda Yoonjin

I am the resident energy guide and spiritual reader of Change Your Energy. There, I’m currently guiding members through private sessions, webinars, courses, and an online TV show to discover their own self-worth and connecting them to sacred energy that transforms physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Pineal Gland Awakening was passed down to me by the founder of Change Your Energy, Master Ilchi Lee. So far, I am one of only a handful of people in the U.S. who has the official qualifications to conduct this course with the methodology he uses and teaches.
I received Pineal Gland Awakening myself from Master Lee and saw my brain transforming and manifesting faster than ever before. It was then I truly realized that awakening the pineal gland was the key to unlocking the mysteries of the human brain.

-Linda Yoonjin

Do you feel…

• Restlessness at night
• Mental heaviness 
• Chronic brain fog or headaches/migraine 

• Sick easily as the seasons change
• Off balance
• Chronic exhaustion
• Stressed

• Uninspired 
• Lack of clarity for next steps
• Stuck, blocked, and something (or someone) is holding you back

Awakening your pineal gland helps you...

• Become the owner of your brain
• Create your own destiny

• Gain clarity of past, present,
and future situations

• Find your direction

• Release karmic cycles
• Free your intuition
• Attain divine wisdom

You’ve tried everything and still don’t feel connected.

You’ve done therapy, been to many spiritual retreats and workshops...but something still doesn’t feel connected. Pineal Gland Awakening helps put something to practical use that will truly help you where the self-healing methodologies fall short.

Bringing the esoteric (pineal gland) into practical reality in an easy to absorb and concrete way, the goal of the workshop is to equip you with mind-body experiences and wisdoms that you’re actually able to use to improve the quality of your life.

Open your pineal gland in carefully curated steps that safely unlock that seat of intuition. Linda our energy master will guide you to build a solid foundation in the core, gradually remove the layers that create obstacles, and then work the energy up to finally awaken the pineal gland.


Workshop Flow
The online workshop will span 6 weeks with a combination of online group classes and private sessions.

Pre-Workshop: Individual Consultation

Week of January 15-20

Linda meets with participants one on one via phone to address what their issue is that they want to release and overcome. 
Group Class #1: Introduction + Dusting the External Layer

Starts Wed, January 24th at 6pm Pacific

Linda introduces the flow of the entire workshop to all participants. We will work on building a strong core foundation in our body and removing dust from our external energy layer.
Group Class #2: Releasing Karma (Bowing)

Wed, January 31st at 6pm Pacific

Learn the sacred technique of bowing for releasing years of karma from the present life and past lives.
Midpoint Check-in: Individual Consultation

Week of February 1-6

Linda will connect with you individually to see what emotions or thoughts may be arising as a result of the awakening process. It’s a chance to clarify any questions you may have or share your progress with her.
Group Class #3: Activating the Subconscious Mind

Wed, February 7th at 6pm Pacific

Before awakening the pineal gland, the subconscious mind must be felt first. We will work on quieting the conscious (thinking, chattering) mind to listen to the calm voice of your subconscious mind so you can see the thoughts, patterns, and habits you are running on.
Group Class #4: Awakening the Pineal Gland

Tues, February 13th at 6pm Pacific

After building the foundation, dusting the layers, and activating the subconscious mind, you will receive a special training using crystals to awaken the pineal gland.
Group Class #5: Conclusion 

Wed, February 21 at 6pm Pacific

Wrap up everything that we’ve learned. Ask Linda any remaining questions regarding the lessons or exercises so that you feel confident to continue with your practice at home. Experience one more clearing training to enhance the pineal gland.
Post-workshop: Individual Consultation for Next Steps

Week of February 26 - March 2

Linda will follow up with you individually to see how you did with the workshop and guide you with next steps to move forward with confidence, clarity, and courage.
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